Why are women dominant in the streets and submissive in intimacy?

Millennial women have the primary characteristic of being self-reliant, entrepreneurial, and creative. However, it is difficult to be in command in all aspects of life.

“Sometimes at the end of the day we just want someone else to have the last word, tear off our clothes and ‘run the ship,’” shared the writer for the news site “Elite Daily”.

Here are some of the possible reasons why dominant women at work and in everyday life become submissive “in bed.”

For its part, the US page specializing in relationships and sex “Advice Diva” shared:

1. Dominant women in the street and submissive in bed enjoy this practice because they know that they are capable of achieving the stimulation and pleasure of the other.

2. Professional women often feel that they are too dominant with men and that they are in control. That causes a certain level of stress. This tension is completely relieved by becoming the submissive during intercourse allowing her to achieve stimulation.

“Currently, independent women are so liberated that they don’t give a damn about expressing their fantasies in ‘submission mode’; they are the ones who give themselves the power to submit freely, because they really want to,” considers the author.

“On the knees” addresses the erotic practices of submission, domination, sadism and masochism typical of lovers of sadomasochism, with the beautiful Samara in the role of protagonist-submissive and the attractive Dominic as protagonist-dominant, along with a chorus of reunited characters in the “Chimera” mansion to practice their sexual games.

“My characters are much meaner, more intense and more degenerate than in ’50 shades of Gray”, assures Ramos, who confesses not being a regular reader of erotic literature or being addicted to the strong erotic games of submission-domination that she recreates in her novel.

Malenka Ramos began six years ago with a series of short stories on the internet, entitled “On the knees”, “The Initiation and” Without compassion “, as a challenge to herself, and managed to have a million digital readers of her trilogy, titled “Vengeance”, which is now published on paper by the Esencia publishing house.

“My digital stories are not recommended for everyone, because they begin with abuse and there are very cruel scenes, so I have had to soften this version, since the paper reader is more conventional than the virtual one”, the writer points out , despite the high-voltage erotic scenes that he draws in his novel.

In “On His Knees”, Dominic, an attractive lawyer at the top, plots revenge against the “goddess” Samara, a young and self-sufficient manager, of great success among men, with whom he fell in love in high school, without her girl will pay attention then.

Fifteen years later, Dominic will use all his tricks to take revenge on her and turn her into a woman subjected to his slightest whims, until he gets Samara to enjoy his peculiar sexual practices, in which he alternates pleasure and pain, and falls madly in love with him .

“I had to make believable Samara’s infatuation with Dominic and I used her tone of voice, her way of playing, her way of touching her, her way of speaking; the attractiveness of a confident man who knows her and studies her to know what is inside and what can be obtained from it “, Malenka Ramos explains.

“The most difficult thing in my novel has been to turn the character of Dominic into a person that makes you fall in love, for which you feel that you love him as much as you hate him, that he attracts you, that he impacts you and that he causes you morbid at the same time”, the author confesses.

The writer denies having been inspired by anything or anyone to recreate the strong erotic scenes, and assures that she has outlined the different personalities and tastes of the characters at will, as well as the design and sexual practices in the “Chimera” mansion .