What types of lubricants are suitable for buttplug use for East London Mistress?

In terms of lubrication, contrary to the vagina, the anus and rectum do not naturally lubricate in order to facilitate penetration.  Its natural function is expulsion, so for the body the introduction of the limb or object is strange.

Normally, those who constantly practice this mode usually use: retardants, anal desensitizers (similar to local anesthesia) and especially anal lubricants .  This facilitates both penetration and enjoyment of sex. Although many use natural lubricants such as saliva or do it after vaginal penetration. But these substances fade quickly and can make the introduction painful. Better to use an oil-based lubricant or some product for anal sex that you can find in Sex Shops such.

What are the ButtPlug?

butplugThey are known as anal plugs or anal plugs, they are a sex toy created for the rectum. In fact, its main functions are to dilate the anus and give pleasure. Although they are similar to vibrators and dildos, these are smaller and at the end have a wide base to prevent the Plug from fully entering the rectum. They come in many shapes, colors, different materials, even ornaments.

A curious fact is that the first Plug was created in 1892 and was called Rectal Dilato.  Its operation always the same. The reason for its shape has its logic, the conical shape that differentiates it from its vibrating and dildo cousins. It is quite peculiar because it has a rounded end and the other part is extremely narrow. This will be in the sphincter and the widest part inside. So the same sphincter holds the  anal plug preventing it from coming out or from entering more than it should. 

What types of materials are there in the buttplug?

Speaking of the material they are made of, they are normally made of different materials such as:

  • glass
  • silicone
  • latex 
  • neoprene
  • wood
  • metal. 

The favorites are always the metal and silicone ones because they make it easy to get in and out repeatedly. In addition, they can withstand disinfection with hot water and are more durable and less allergens.

If you are looking for ways, there are many. You can find them wavy, textured, inlaid, even made in the shape of a penis for greater reality. So much so that there are some that are self-lubricating that can both ejaculate and lubricate themselves. They can swell or swell, vibrate, etc. Others wear ornaments outside the plug as such. Sparkly embellishments like hearts with faux rhinestones. Animal tails (simulated). If we go to the world of BDSM we can find plugs that have electro-stimulation.

What should i know before using buttplug?

buttplugIf you are using sex toys for the first time and you are struck by buttplugs , you can rest assured that you don’t need to be an expert to use them. You don’t have to be an expert to practice the variants of anal sex .  You just need to take the necessary precautions and you will be done, you can turn the traditional vaginal sex around. The use of plugs is very common. So if you feel embarrassed, don’t worry, you don’t have to go to a store to get it. In www.vibrashop.es you can order yours of the material you want. The shape and style you want without leaving your home. They even provide a customer advisory service to make choosing your plug easier.

What is the purpose of the use?

The intention of using a buttpl ugs is to have fun, satisfy yourself or the other. The possibilities are many, you decide how to use it. The good thing about using this toy is that, if you liked anal sex, it will help you make it hurt less next time but. If you are a fan of submission, you can add other factors so that the enjoyment of your fantasy is complete. In stores like www.vibrashop.es they understand that not everyone is an expert in anal sex. For this reason, they sell their clients a kit for beginners, like dildos , you can find them by sizes.

How long should I use it?

With regard to the duration of the plug inside the rectum, there is no limit. You decide how long you will keep it inside but you must take into account certain hygiene rules. If you want to wear the plug all day and go to work you can do it, but you have to take into account the cleaning of the toy. It is advisable to start for a few minutes and gradually increase the time. In conclusion, you can use the plug as you want. But you have to take into account: the lubrication preferably of creams and lotions that you can see in sex shops such as www.vibrashop.es . It has a wide variety of lubricants. There are special cleaning kits for  plugs .  These help to take care of the product and hygiene when using them, preventing it from drying out, these maintenance kits can be found in Vibrashop.