Types of Butt Plugs For East London Mistress

Like vibrators, dildos and other sex toys, which help to facilitate pleasure for yourself or as a couple. There is a typology ranging from materials to their function. Glass and metal plugs have already been mentioned. As well as those that have the electrostimulation function, everything will depend on what you need.

In www.vibrashop.es you can find them in the Sado and Bondage Toys section and they can range between € 4.00 – € 156.00 and the most requested plugs are for:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Insertable length from 3.4 cm to 40.5 m
  • Silicone
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Self Lubrication
  • G and P point stimulators
  • Electric with vibrating effect
  • Combined: cock ring + butt plug
  • From distance
  • Textured
  • Electrostimulators
  • With animal tails
  • Faux rhinestone details

We will talk about the most requested buttplug:

Butt Plugs dilators

They are a basic for those who want to start in the practice of anal sex .  Its function, as its name says, is to dilate the anus so that it can expand and the introduction of the male member into the rectum is easier. Others use them because they simply give pleasure.

buttplug dilatorIts shape is a bit peculiar because it looks like a clothespin. They are known as “expandable” because as soon as they enter the rectum it will begin to expand creating a space that will ensure good future anal penetration. Also thanks to the fact that they are made of silicone for the most part. These come in different sizes, the most common are: 6.4, 10 and 12 m for beginners. Likewise, the design will vary according to the degree of experience you have in anal sex. Its price ranges from € 13.00 – € 95.00 and from 6.4 cm to 18 cm. If it has caught your attention, you can check the catalog that www.vibrashop.es has for you.

 Tails ButtPlugs

These are requested by the most skilled in the field. Its main function is to give pleasure by inserting the plug into the anus. The interesting thing about this toy is that it allows you to add a touch of fun to your meeting. Adding a bit of curiosity to the eye, the tail buttplugs will make you feel like a sexy kitten or bunny. To name one of the most requested, but you can also find plugs with pony or fox tails.

buttplug tailYou can use it without fear that it will come off since it has a good base that it will not allow. Regarding the price, buttplugs queue can range from: € 21.00 to 43.00 €, they serve to both men and women. Like the buttplugs without glue, the plug itself can have textures, be simple, metal or silicone and its shape can vary. If you are passionate about anal sex and want to give it that touch of fun that you crave so much, you can enjoy this and much more by visiting the gallery of plugs that you will find in our store.

Benefits of using a ButtPlug in your sex life

Although we are in the 21st century and it is already openly known that many men and women openly practice anal sex, there are still people who wonder what they see as fun or pleasant to anal sex. Well, here we are going to summarize it … We already know the anatomy and the function of ButtPlug , but what about the benefits? Congratulations we will try to explain.

For men, it is true that this sex toy was created in the 1800s with the aim of dilating the rectum. But also generated pleasure and this is because the P point .  It would be the counterpart of the G-spot  but in men, it is found in the prismatic gland. The ButtPlug stimulates her, so on second thought … Maybe this toy was created for more satisfaction of men than women. By inserting a plug into a man’s rectum, sex becomes more enjoyable. If you are a man and you have been proposed to use a plug , do not feel bad or worry. The pleasure, excitement and trust of a partner will make you feel impressions that you have never felt.