Fun Facts About Anal East London Mistress Sex

It is true that it has been considered taboo for more than two thousand years for many religions and cultures, including in our generation that some call it “The era of freedoms”. In 2007 anal sex was prohibited in the United States even for legally established marriages.

It is true that the taboo of having sex has allowed the creation of new ways of calling it to avoid the shock when saying it in public. Some believe that this practice is attributed solely to homosexual men, but it is a serious mistake. More and more heterosexual couples are practicing it with the help of clothing such as:

  • buttplugs,
  • dilating creams  
  • anal desensitizers

To name some of the toys or lotions that help the best enjoyment of sex.

Advantages of sexual attraction

The sexual attraction of the butt or a big ass is biologically acceptable. This is because in the animal world there is no bigger butt than the human’s. The evolutionary value of sex is not for mere pleasure. It can directly modify our behaviors, an example of that: regardless of the penetration and procreation of life. The females of the human species have much larger buttocks, compared to their animal counterparts. This is due to bipedalism , and that will generate sexual desire. The buttocks are very sensitive, when caressing or doing any type of touching or rubbing with sexual intention, the signals of sex will automatically be sent. So, if you see a big, firm and harmonious ass for your eyes, it is natural and biologically acceptable for you to look at it.

Play with caution, risks of anal sex with buttplug

anal lubricant Unlike the vagina that is made to receive the male member, its sole objective being to procreate and conceive life. The anus is not like that. The vaginal mucosa is designed to create lubrication when the penis is erect and in full penetration of the vagina. The anus, on the other hand, does not have such sophisticated systems. In fact, the rectal mucosa (as it is known) is sensitive to infections by viruses and bacteria. One of its functions is to absorb the substances deposited in the rectum. This phenomenon is used for medical issues such as: the introduction of suppositories to combat diseases.

This absorption mechanism is done involuntarily and as it is not a mucosa used to avoid friction, it must be understood that the introduction of objects can be traumatic .  Or the penis if the proper precautions are not taken, in fact, by inserting it carelessly you can create micro-wounds up to bleeding. It is normal for the first time to bleed a little. The ideal is not to do it, because we are in a slightly more dangerous terrain than that of the vagina. Here we have the bacteria that live naturally in the rectum coupled with the possibility of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, Hepatitis, herpes, etc.

What risks are there in using the buttplug?

These risks, although they can be reduced with the use of a ButtPlug, it is only fair that you take the necessary hygiene measures so as not to harm your partner. It is best to sterilize the toy, and it is for personal use. Hygiene should be a primary step so that you can enjoy this alternative that many no longer consider that way. At the time of penetration, you must be careful because the muscles that surround the anus are strong, but they can expand quite a bit.