Corset: Sensuality And Style For London Mistress

The word corset derives from the word “cors” which in old French meant ” body “. It is not known exactly in what year these garments began to be used. But what yes is that from the beginning they were quite known and worn by women. Initially, the corset was used to enhance the breasts, decrease the size of the waist and make the hips look more pronounced. That is, to stylize the figure of the woman by enhancing her curves. There were also other corsets that were useful for warriors, they provide support for their back in addition to protection.

The favorite material with which corsets were usually made was metal. This made them quite uncomfortable and heavy to wear. Another material that was used for its construction was wood. Which despite being lighter than metal, was equally uncomfortable.

The corset that we know today began to be used in the Renaissance era. It spread throughout Europe where the bourgeoisie dressed their women in corsets, they were classed as wearing them. Later, their use spread and the noblest class began to use them. In the seventeenth century the shorter and more ornate corsets appear.

It wasn’t until 1840 that strapless corsets began to be created . In addition, that over the years the corsets became smaller in the waist area. In the following years there were many important changes in terms of material and shape. For this reason, many doctors of the time studied the anatomy of the women who wore it and could notice that the bone structure was completely different from those who did not use it. In addition, wearing a very tight corset could push the internal organs down and cause bleeding due to the malformation.

Actually the corsets that are currently a trend are those that were used in the 1950s and 1960s. Where the pin-up models from the United States showed their tight figure. This type of garment was more sensual, so they were used under clothing as women’s lingerie.

Currently we can find many types of corsets from the sexiest and with softer materials ideal for sleeping, to the most elaborate with beautiful designs.

An icon of feminine sensuality: the corset

Let’s do a little mental exercise, if they tell you to think of a word that defines corset, what would it be? The words sensuality, flirtation, femininity, curves , among many other words that define the women themselves wearing this garment, probably come to mind . It is the perfect outfit to highlight feminine beauty by looking sexy without being vulgar.

Surely at some point you have used a corset or know someone who uses it. And, there is nothing more certain that all women are enhanced by girdling their figure. The clothes look better , they feel prettier and more self-confident. Don’t be shy, wear a corset! It will be one of the best decisions you can make in your women’s underwear.

Corsets not only look sexy, but they are beneficial for our body, let’s see some:

Many doctors recommend wearing corsets for those with poor posture. Since, over the years, it can cause a lot of damage to the spine. This garment is ideal to end back pain that can cause poor posture. In addition, many people who suffer from hernias or a fracture in vertebrae have found it beneficial. This is because this garment in the back area has the ability to immobilize sudden movements that can cause damage to our back.

 Helps reduce or stop headaches and migraines. Many people have testified that later when using this garment of lingerie the headache or migraines, which they suffered, have disappeared. This is complemented, with the idea mentioned above. Maintaining a proper posture helps to release the tension that we have in other parts of our body. For example: shoulders and neck.

There are corrective corsets that help those who suffer from scoliosis . Its shape helps the curvature of the back. You can decrease and even be able to control it.

They are also beneficial:

Helps reduce the chances of suffering from lumbar hyperlordosis . This is a disease where the vertebrae are in a position where all the weight tends to fall on them. This causes a lot of back pain. The garment has the ability to make the spinal cord do contracting and stretching movements. This helps reduce symptoms of the disease and prevent further damage.

It is useful for those who play high-risk sports such as skydiving and motorcycling. Its shape protects all vital organs. In addition, you can avoid strong blows in areas that may cause a bruise or internal bleeding.

Ideal for those women who suffer from cramps and contractions in the uterus. Since this garment helps to calm these pains because they have the ability to exert force on the peritoneal organs.

Helps to improve the figure. They are designed to reduce a few inches in the waist area. While keeping the belly and back in place. Helps to tone the abdomen and reduce sizes in general.

The magnificent piece of clothing. Although it is used in the abdominal area, it helps us to highlight the breasts and the butt.

Wearing corsets is an excellent idea. Especially for those people who have spinal problems. But all people can use it because they are sexy and at the same time help us with poor posture problems. Also, it helps against abdominal cramps and at the same time shapes our figure.

Corset fever

Today, many celebrities have joined the boom in wearing this garment and keep it as one of their most treasured secrets. It is not a dress or shoes, but a figure with curves. Previously the most desired models were those that had little weight and a very modest figure. But with the Kardashian boom, women no longer feel self-conscious about showing off their curves, and even those with voluminous breasts and small-waisted bottoms are considered the sexiest.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Alba among many others use them frequently. In addition, it is not unreasonable to think that thanks to this fabulous ally they have that hourglass figure that everyone wants.

Using corsets was beneficial for shaping the figure , since it can reduce some sizes at the waist and contributes to reducing the abdomen . However, what is going to help her fulfill her purpose of a small waist and a flat abdomen.

What type of corset is there on the market?

In ancient times you could only find one type of corset, these were made of metal and many others of wood, later the materials used are lighter and just as resistant, corsets with rods are still used, since they incredibly enhance the curves, far above those corsets that do not have it. Despite being used of rigid materials, these are covered by very soft fabrics that you may not even notice an iota of discomfort.

Currently the use of corsets has been divided into four branches, let’s see and get to know a little about these:

Traditional corset

It is the one used under clothing, usually this type of corset is worn in special situations, in which they want to show off a magnificent hourglass figure, this type of corset is the tightest and its design usually has braids or clamps to achieve dimension from the corset to its lowest possible expression. These look great, since the figure they project is so perfect that it is unreal. However, it is not advisable to use this type of corset for long periods of time, since they can cause malformations in the body, such as, for example: changes in the ribs, can displace the organs and even leave you without air and cause fainting.

Modern corset

It is a little less rigid than the traditional corset, its designs tend to have more ornaments since they are usually used over clothing, they are responsible for accentuating the figure without tightening the waist or abdomen to the extreme, however, it is easy to wear and It will not cause any harm if you use it for a long time. The material with which they are made is quite varied, we can find them in: latex, velvet, leather, silk, among many others.

Sports or training corset

These are the most commonly used. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of corset is to reduce the waist area, of course it is better for this than using a corset, but made of the materials with which the shaping girdles are made. This guy is worn under clothing and thanks to its lightweight materials, no one will notice he’s wearing it. This presses the abdominal area, however, it does not help to lose fat but rather water that we have retained, this of course makes us think that we are losing weight, but in reality you are losing inflammation.

As the name implies it is for training. These help in reducing sizes, but this must be supplemented with diet and exercise.

Romantic corset

They are the sexiest, they are ideal to have a special night with your partner, generally their design is a bit more mischievous and the material with which they are made is thinner and lighter. They are generally longer as short robes, with hooks to use light or stockings that complement the sensual design.

Differences between overbust and underbust corset

Overbust corset or in its Spanish translation on chest : It is the most used. They enhance the size of the breasts. In addition, usually the shape they have on their edge, forms a neckline that is impossible not to look at.

Underbust corset or in its Spanish translation under breast : This type of corset is a bit sexier since you can complement it with another piece that combines perfectly. Many people wear it with a tight top or shirts. Its shape is ideal for highlighting the presence of the breasts as well as enhancing them and making them appear larger.