Corset: Sensuality And Style For London Mistress

The word corset derives from the word “cors” which in old French meant ” body “. It is not known exactly in what year these garments began to be used. But what yes is that from the beginning they were quite known and worn by women. Initially, the corset was used to enhance the breasts, […]

Types of Butt Plugs For East London Mistress

Like vibrators, dildos and other sex toys, which help to facilitate pleasure for yourself or as a couple. There is a typology ranging from materials to their function. Glass and metal plugs have already been mentioned. As well as those that have the electrostimulation function, everything will depend on what you need. In you […]

Fun Facts About Anal East London Mistress Sex

It is true that it has been considered taboo for more than two thousand years for many religions and cultures, including in our generation that some call it “The era of freedoms”. In 2007 anal sex was prohibited in the United States even for legally established marriages. It is true that the taboo of having […]

What is bondage and how is it practiced safely

Knowing what bondage is and what its common practices are can open up a world of possibilities in our sexual relationships. Bondage is an erotic practice that is part of BDSM, this week we analyze everything that has to do with bondage, its secrets and all the possibilities that we offer you. What is bondage […]