ButtPlug, East London Mistress The Rear Entrance To Pleasure

If you want to start looking for new ways to give pleasure or pleasure yourself, this time we present the Buttplug. If you have not heard it, you have surely seen it, the interesting story of how it was decided to create an artifact that pleases both men and women. Anal sex , is being an ancient sexual practice, yes, as you have heard, ancient.

There is not much to explain what this form of intercourse is about, but yes, like vaginal sex, anal also uses a sex toy when it comes to masturbation. In history terms such as: sodomy were born , which referred to a form of anal and oral intercourse . Thus, imperfect sodomy was born because it was not between a man and a woman. The term was coined for people who had sex with the same sex. It is true that sodomy is a term born of religious theory. So its bases can be seen with respect to the criticism of people who have sexual relations with people of the same sex. Although, the Royal Spanish Academy establishes anal sex as Sodomy, regardless of the sex with whom it is practiced.

Anal sex is more common than many believe. Many consider it very pleasant, they can even stimulate the G-spot reaching orgasm. But just as some consider it very satisfactory, others affirm that practicing it is very painful until it is considered traumatic. Clearly, there are many factors that influence the enjoyment of this type of intercourse such as: lubrication or cultural barriers to name a few.

The limits when using a buttplug

The possibilities are endless, the limit being your imagination. So you decide how to practice it. For example, a woman can penetrate a man anally or a woman with the help of a prosthesis called a strap on. This form of anal sex is known as pegging.  There is also a form of oral-anal masturbation called anilingus with which you can give pleasure with your mouth, fingers and a ButtPlug .

The practice of anal sex, as well as the use of sex toys, was very common in ancient times. In fact, even out of social custom it was a duty to practice. An example of that is, in ancient Greece, where the virility of man was of utmost importance when referring to Male Superiority .  Therefore, the sexual practice where the man takes the woman in a position of submission was practically necessary to demonstrate his authority.

Another example of virility being demonstrated through anal sex was in the Roman Empire. Although according to the law this practice was not allowed in couples. Well established before the social institutions that protected marriage, it was possible to practice it with male or female slaves. In fact, as established in the custom, this practice was not allowed with another Roman citizen since it was not a perfect sodomy.

A little history of the anal dildo

Although it is true that this form of intercourse is considered a taboo. Especially in western countries. Which is quite ironic because sexual practices such as oral, anal and in groups, in pre-colonization America the indigenous people already made these customs. Either for reasons of pleasure or for rituals to achieve some wish for the tribe or for themselves. But since the Church began to implement customs based on the Judeo-Christian religion. Some sexual actions were banned because they were not accepted by the Bible. In fact, sex must be done with the objective of procreating otherwise, it will be considered a sin. It will be lust, but since the nature of man prevails over imposed customs, the clergy were not entirely celibate. Then those of the religious high command,