Every woman wants her man to be a wonderful lover: he should be affectionate, but also wild, romantic, excite her, while leaving her the right to choose! The list is endless. But what should be a good lover?

We live in a time of openness in sex and have already become emancipated enough to abandon the old role-playing game “a man satisfies a woman . ” Instead of waiting for the London Mistress to be in our bed, we’d better ask ourselves, what can we do to become good lovers for our partners? All women who want to improve their sex life should adoptn our methods.

London tantric massage

Do you think BDSM is about pain and humiliation? In fact, it is through such a game that you can realize your sexual fantasies: tender, beautiful and sensual. We have chosen three completely different scenarios for beginners and not only, where BDSM accessories will become your main assistants. Choose what suits your couple and … get a medal for the title of the best lover in the entire universe.

“The mechanics of BDSM are similar to role-playing games: it is an opportunity to enter the role that you lack in everyday life, and thereby relieve tension. Various accessories accompanying this type of East London Dominatrix sharpen the senses – and at the same time send our nervous system into a reboot. “